Trapcode Particular is one of the most robust plugins for After Effects in my opinion, especially for particle work. In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to utilize Trapcode Particular in conjunction with layer maps and mattes to create a burning fiery transition. We’ll also take a look at how to create some flames, sparks, and smokes to composite with our disintegration. Finally, we’ll explore ways to enhance the burning style by adding heat waves, glowing burns, and much more.



The secret to a smooth transition is the matte we used to drive particle emission and logo reveal. By modifying the matte source composition, we are able to achieve finer control over many things including timing. The mattes can also be used for many other elements that you can sync up with your text or logo.

The secret to a great looking fiery look is playing around with the Glow Threshold, Curves, and Hue & Saturation. You want to try and get a variation of oranges, reds, and yellows in your flames and sparks. Make sure you’re working in 16bpc for better glows and reduced bandings.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Take what you learned about mattes and maps, and apply them in your future works. They are a powerful way to achieve fine control over elements and will help you understand the 3D workflow better.

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26 thoughts on “Burning Fire Logo with Trapcode Particular

  1. Ok I said “screw it” and moved this to the very front of my tutorial list. Just finished it and was happy with the result. Now to apply the techniques to an actual project. Thanks for sharing as always VinhSon.

  2. i was doing this for the first time in C4D i thought i will be impossible in aftereffect but trapcode particular always surprise me woooooooow it looks very cool thanks vinhson .

  3. Hey Vinh, I followed your tutorial exactly, but my text comes out as black instead of the nice metal texture.. How do I fix it?

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I followed it exactly more or less but made a few tweaks at the end. I increased the Z-depth of the foreground particles and turned on depth of field. The camera focus is linked to the text so it always remains in focus as the camera tracks in. I also added another additional layer of heat distortion using another adjustment layer with Video Copilot’s heat distortion plugin. It’s masked around the text and fades in and out just as the text heats up and disintegrates. It’s subtle but I like it.

  5. Hi Vinhson! Awesome tutorial! Can you provide the source files to make it easier to follow along?

  6. best fire text tutorial Ive seen out there, followed it and loved it. Working on rendering a copy, then going to try to reverse it to see if I can burn text in instead of out, was unsure of a better way as CNTL+ALT R doesnt work on some of these layers.

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