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After Effects Blog Cinema 4D

A Week of Learning

There’s been a lot of great stuff coming out lately, from Cinema 4D R15 to tons of awesome learning content. I thought it’d be nice to share some of the stuff I’ve been reading and watching lately as some of you have shown great interest! (It’s also an excuse for another great blog post!) This […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 29, 2013
After Effects Blog

Learn Everything Trapcode

Recently, I’ve been getting poured with requests to cover all things Trapcode. You guys have always been edging to learn more about the Trapcode Suite, whether it’s to do visual effects work such as compositing an energy blast, or designing awesome particle titles. Whatever it is, there is definitely a demand to learn more in […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 18, 2013
After Effects Blog

Glossy 3D Particles with Particular

Yes, we’ve seen many cool custom particles for Particular, whether it’s smoke, fire, leaves, or vines. I’ve tried many custom particles before, but oddly enough I never did try HDRI images with Particular. With a bit of experimenting, you can achieve some pretty convincing objects as seen in the images. HDRI stands for “High Dynamic […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • April 14, 2012
After Effects Blog

After Effects CS6 Video Tutorials & Resources Roundup (Updated)

So everyone is pretty stoked about the upcoming After Effects CS6 release, there are quite a few artists that had the amazing and lucky opportunity to test drive After Effects CS6 (one of those lucky people doesn’t include myself). With all the new great features, there has been quite a few video previews, tutorials, and helpful articles […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • April 12, 2012
After Effects Blog Tutorials

Creating an Underwater Ocean Scene Using Trapcode Form

In this very special tutorial for RGTV, I will demonstrate how you can create a pretty unique underwater ocean scene for your motion graphics designs. We will be taking a look at some displacement maps, fractal noise, how to building the environment, and of course setting up the waves using Trapcode Form. You can watch […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • March 6, 2012
Mettle ShapeShifter

Abstract Designs with Mettle’s ShapeShifter

ShapeShifter is an awesome plugin for After Effects, you can do so much with it. The plugin comes loaded with tons of parameters that you’ll have to explore similar to Trapcode Form. Aside from deep extrusions and mind blowing organic animations, you can also create some really amazing abstract stuff. Here are some abstract screenshots […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • February 25, 2012

ShapeShifter Render: Transforming Text

I recently got my hands on Mettle’s ShapeShifter plugin for AE. Although this isn’t a review post on ShapeShifter, let me start off by saying that the plugin is absolutely fantastic, fast, and versatile. This was my first time really digging through and messing with ShapeShifter. The goal was to create something very abstract similar to the videos […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • February 2, 2012