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After Effects Feature Requests

There’s been a lot of stir in the AE community lately about After Effects feature requests, probably due to Todd Kopriva’s recent article and Andrew Kramer’s latest blog post. While I’m not a hardcore AE professional like some, I thought I’d share some of my opinions and desires. Aside from everything Andrew said, I’d like […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • December 10, 2012

Vimeo’s New Tip Jar & Pay to View Features

Today, Vimeo announced two very prominent and game changing features to their site: Tip Jar and Pay-to-View. These two features are a huge leap in bringing revenue into the equation with Vimeo since the Vimeo Plus and Pro accounts. Although I never thought about making any sort of money with Vimeo, these two features are […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • September 19, 2012
After Effects Blog

Trapcode Mir Renders

So as some of you may know, Peder Norrby, founder of Trapcode, announced and demoed an upcoming new Trapcode plugin called Mir and showed it off at NAB 2012. It’s polygon based with awesome GPU acceleration! I had the honor to beta test this baby and wanted to show off some of the amazing things […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • May 24, 2012

What’s New in Trapcode Form 2

With all the hype and news about Trapcode Form 2, I was urged to do a article about it. Trapcode Form 2 comes with an amazing list of new features including importing and using OBJ files, textured polygons, animated quick maps, shadowlets, motion blur, and much more! In my opinion, it was about time Form […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • August 26, 2011