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cinema 4d

After Effects Blog Cinema 4D

A Week of Learning

There’s been a lot of great stuff coming out lately, from Cinema 4D R15 to tons of awesome learning content. I thought it’d be nice to share some of the stuff I’ve been reading and watching lately as some of you have shown great interest! (It’s also an excuse for another great blog post!) This […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 29, 2013
Blog Cinema 4D

What’s New In Cinema 4D R15

Maxon announced Cinema 4D R15 this week at SIGGRAPH and while it isn’t anything mind blowing, the update was a fresh and solid improvement for Cinema 4D. As an R13 user, I wasn’t too keen on upgrading to R14 because of my needs, but R15 does certainly bring enough features to start considering. Here are […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 25, 2013
Blog Inspiration

Inspiration: Plexus, Newton, & Cinema 4D

It’s been quiet lately here at the Dojo because I’ve been occupied with all the great content and new learning material out there. A lot of you guys have shown great interest in inspirational posts as well as more blog posts in general, so I thought I’d round up some of the great stuff I’ve […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 9, 2013
After Effects Blog

Adobe MAX: After Effects CC

Adobe MAX, a ‘creative conference’ where Adobe shows off new stuff in their applications as well as techniques and ideas, is going on right now and the biggest hype this year is the Creative Cloud. Their updates to Photoshop and other applications are fantastic, but what I really wanted to focus on is After Effects […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • May 7, 2013
After Effects Blog

Upcoming Cinema 4D & After Effects Tutorial

Here’s a sneak peak at a tutorial I’m whipping up soon. The tutorial will be my first ever Cinema 4D tutorial, so things may be a little uneasy until I get used to saying all the different panels and object names. Because this is my first Cinema 4D tutorial, it’s going to be pretty basic […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 2, 2012
After Effects Blog

Building iPhones with After Effects

Hey folks, it has been awhile since my last tutorial update here so I wanted to give you guys a heads up on what’s coming! Ever see those awesome and beautiful iPhone renders used in commercials these days? Yeah, they’re probably created using a 3D application, but we’re going to take a look at how […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • May 30, 2012

ShapeShifter Render: Transforming Text

I recently got my hands on Mettle’s ShapeShifter plugin for AE. Although this isn’t a review post on ShapeShifter, let me start off by saying that the plugin is absolutely fantastic, fast, and versatile. This was my first time really digging through and messing with ShapeShifter. The goal was to create something very abstract similar to the videos […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • February 2, 2012