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Introducing the Dojo Toolkit Script by CreativeDojo

The Dojo Toolkit v1 Script is a little tool I made for Adobe After Effects CS3 and above that gives you quick access to a bunch of setup presets, expressions, and utilities. You can easily apply a letterbox or setup a camera rig with a click of a button, apply certain expressions to properties instantly, […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • September 17, 2013
After Effects Blog Inspiration

Plexus Text Transformation

As I said in an earlier blog post, I’m going to try to start posting more frequently on here! Here’s the latest project I’ve been working on for the past few hours. Really it isn’t anything more than me just experimenting around with Plexus 2. I have used Plexus once before and played around with […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • July 14, 2013
After Effects Blog

Adobe MAX: After Effects CC

Adobe MAX, a ‘creative conference’ where Adobe shows off new stuff in their applications as well as techniques and ideas, is going on right now and the biggest hype this year is the Creative Cloud. Their updates to Photoshop and other applications are fantastic, but what I really wanted to focus on is After Effects […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • May 7, 2013
After Effects Blog Products

Introducing the InstaFilm Script

For the past few months, I’ve been messing around with Adobe’s ExtendedScript Toolkit, learning the basics of writing After Effects scripts and such. Due to the fact that I have very little programming experience aside from HTML and CSS, understanding how JavaScript worked was a little tricky. After studying the After Effects Scripting Guide and […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • May 5, 2013
After Effects Blog

Shoot for the Stars and Galaxy

Here’s a quick update on what’s cooking at the Dojo. First off, there’s going to be a new tutorial tomorrow on the galaxy nebula you guys were so interested in. We’ll create it entirely in After Effects using primarily the Trapcode Suite and it will be fully 3D interactive for your projects. Check out an […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • October 27, 2012
Blog Inspiration

New PC Build & Performance

I recently did an article on GPU acceleration and ultimately mentioned that I’ve decided to build a new computer for fun to see how much better it preformed with a proper graphics card opposed to the current Mac lineups. After ordering parts, assembling them, and installing proper drivers, here are the results. Before I get […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • October 18, 2012

GPU Acceleration & Custom Builds

We are progressing to a day and age where the CPU isn’t the only workhorse anymore, no doubt about that. As more software and plugins utilize OpenGL and GPU power, the benefits of having a mid to pro level GPU skyrockets. Sharing the workload to the GPU is the future, something Chris from Mettle has […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • October 10, 2012