Dojo Task List

Suggested Price: $4.99

  • Easily manage all your tasks right within After Effects
  • Intuitive and simple interface


Dojo Task List is a script for After Effects that makes it extremely simple to manage all your tasks, notes, and ideas right within the After Effects interface. Dojo Task List allows you to stay focused within the application while getting jobs done, without having to switch to other applications to check off items from the to-do list.

Demo Video:


  • Add, remove, and edit list items
  • Mark list items as complete
  • Add titles and descriptions to list items
  • Import and export list items to another machine for easy transfer
  • Intuitive and simple UI


v1.2 (8/12/15)

  • Responsive “Add/Edit Item” window
  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • UI enhancement
  • Help window enhancements
  • Major code overhaul

v1.1 (8/12/14)

  • Slimmer colored interface
  • Fixed bug where UI wouldn’t fill properly at first launch

v1.0 (7/24/14)

  • Initial release



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