Dojo Shifter

Suggested Price: $6.99

  • Easy layer staggering
  • Offset timeline layers with ease


Dojo Shifter is a handy little script that allows you to offset, stagger, and shift layers in your After Effects timeline. This is perfect for motion graphic elements and animations that need to have layers occurring in sequences. You can also define the order of staggering, stagger randomly, and shift layers forward by a defined amount in frames or seconds.

Demo Video:


  • Stagger layers on the timeline
  • Define stagger offset amount based on frames or seconds
  • Control staggering order (ascending, descending, etc)
  • Easily offset and stagger layers randomly
  • Shift selected layers forward based on frames/seconds


v1.3 (8/12/15)

  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • Updated help window UI

v1.2 (12/19/14)

  • Compacted UI
  • Added option to hide banner image
  • Stripped UI colors
  • Code cleanup

v1.1 (8/12/14)

  • Added “Shift Backwards” and “Shift Forward” button
  • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
  • Help window has its own function now
  • New logo header image
  • Colored interface

v1.0 (5/21/14)

  • Initial release