Dojo Sharpener

Suggested Price: $1.99

  • Selective edge sharpening
  • Efficiently sharpens without increasing noise


Dojo Sharpener is a simple script that allows you to selectively sharpen the edges in your footage, without sharpening unwanted areas such as noise. The process is quick, effective, and efficient in your workflow without having the need to track certain areas or mask areas you want to avoid. By using mattes, we can easily and dynamically control which areas get sharpened and what areas don’t. With Dojo Sharpener, you can quickly automate the process for all your layers with a click of a button.

Demo Video:


  • Selectively sharpen the edges in your footage
  • Avoid sharpening areas with noise
  • Extremely fast with multiple layers support
  • Control over the matte for finer control over edges


v1.3 (8/12/15)

  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
  • Removed colored UI
  • Added “Hide header image” option
  • UI enhancement
  • Help window enhancements
  • Major code overhaul

v1.2 (8/12/14)

  • Updated UI to be responsive and compact
  • Help window has its own function now
  • New logo header image
  • Colored interface

v1.1 (7/14/14)

  • Sharpen Adjustment Layer now trims to same duration as selected layer(s)

v1.0 (5/7/14)

  • Initial release


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