Dojo Renamer (Legacy Unsupported)

Suggested Price: $5.99

New Version: Dojo Renamer v2

This product is no longer being updated or supported. Please purchase or upgrade to v2.



This product is no longer being supported/updated. Please purchase or upgrade to the new Dojo Renamer v2, with tons of additional features and workflow improvements. Special upgrade pricing is available for v1 customers.

Dojo Renamer is an After Effects script that allows you to quickly rename layers or items in your project based on certain rules and modes. Instantly batch rename and organize your layers in After Effects with a few clicks so you can focus on the real job: designing.


  • Search and replace words within layer or item names
  • Add prefixes or suffixes
  • Add sequential numbering
  • Ability to rename all layers/items in project or selected layers/items only


v1.3 (11/21/17)
- Removed divider space between "Name" and "#" for the "Sequencer" feature to allow for greater naming 
- Sequencer "#" field doesn't auto update anymore to stay consistent
- Removed header logo image

v1.2 (8/12/15)
- Fixed bug where script wouldn't update last composition when selecting "Project" scope
- Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error
- Removed colored UI
- Added "Hide header image" option
- UI enhancement
- Help window enhancements
- Major code overhaul

v1.1 (8/9/14)
- Support for project item selection renaming
- Slimmer colored interface
- Fixed bug where UI wouldn’t fill properly at first launch

v1.0 (7/31/14)
- Initial release

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