Dojo Color Packs

Suggested Price: $2.99

  • Quickly apply cinematic color presets
  • Works with AE CS5+


Check out our new Cinematic Master LUTs, a collection of 20 LUTs inspired by Hollywood films.

Beautiful and professional looking color presets for Adobe After Effects CS5+.

The Dojo Color Packs are a great way to quickly stylize and grade your After Effects projects. Change the complete mood and look of your film or animation by simply clicking on one of the native presets.


The Dojo Color Packs include popular cinematic film looks, vintage cross-processed looks, and much more to match the project you’re working on. The great part is, everything is built natively within After Effects, allowing you to tweak, customize, and edit all parameters of the presets to your heart’s content.

Ease and Quickness

You don’t need to be a colorist to get great looks. The Dojo Color Packs make it easy to get started, giving you a base to work with and fine tune. You can apply looks by simply clicking or dragging them onto your layers from the Effects and Presets panel.

Rebuilt & Updated

The Dojo Color Packs have been rebuilt and updated to work more efficiently without any messy features. The presets are now faster than ever with the removal of pseudo effects, expressions, and Grain. What you get now is a slimmer, faster, and simple package with purely native effects.

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