Dojo Orbit

Suggested Price: $8.99

  • Arrange layers in various circular formations
  • Rigged with powerful expressions and pseudo custom effects controls


Dojo Orbit is an After Effects script that allows you to arrange your layers into various circular formations, rigged with powerful expressions and custom pseudo effects controls. Dojo Orbit has 3 modes that will allow you to distribute layers into a 3D spiral, add fading falloff, auto-animate orbit animations, and much more with customizable controls. Dojo Orbit is the perfect tool for motion graphics designers looking to improve their radial designs.

Demo Video:


  • 3 Orbit Modes
  • Powerful rigged expressions with custom pseudo effect for easy customization
  • Arrange layers into perfect circles and spirals
  • Add scale and opacity falloffs with option for offsetting
  • Z offset for 3D spirals
  • Orient rotation
  • Live preview of circular placement
  • Orbit around layers in 3D (X, Y, and Z axis)


v1.3 (12/27/17)
- Fixed major issue where After Effects would warn of a missing effect because pseudo effect preset did not have "/Pseudo" prefix
- Consolidated the preset file into the script as binary. No need to have the controller preset and its directory anymore. The whole script is 1 file now
- Completely rebuilt the "Settings" window for minimalism
- Removed header logo image
- Code cleanup

v1.2 (8/5/15)
- Pseudo effect controllers are applied via preset file instead of internally via XML file
- Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent "invalid image data" error
- Code cleanup

v1.1 (12/23/14)
- Bug fixes

v1.0 (12/19/14)
- Initial release

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