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Dojo Expander

Suggested Price: $7.99

  • Resize compositions and layers quickly
  • Easily upscale whole projects with ease


Dojo Expander is an After Effects script that makes the process of upscaling (or downscaling) your projects a tad bit easier. Simply scaling your project up can lead to degradation in resolution and quality, so the solution is to re-build the project at a higher resolution size. Dojo Expander makes this process a bit faster by resizing your composition and layer solid sizes, the most tedious and cumbersome task.

Dojo Expander takes care of all the prep work, allowing you to focus on parameters that need manual adjustment after resizing, such as position values. Dojo Expander was created for motion graphics projects where resizing vectors and solids are essential for upscaling. This is not a special algorithm tool to upscale footage or images, but a tool to help automate the parameter adjustments that are usually required for motion graphic project upscaling.

Demo Video:


  • Procedurally upscale and resize compositions and layers quickly
  • Extend or shrink composition durations
  • Bulk change composition resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and more
  • Automatically adjust layer out-points to fit new composition durations
  • Option to upscale footage/images to fit comp size
  • Support for nested compositions



v1.1 (8/12/15)

  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error

v1.0 (7/13/15)

  • Initial release