Dojo Ease

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This product is no longer being supported/updated. Please purchase or upgrade to the new Dojo Ease v2, with tons of additional features and workflow improvements. Special upgrade pricing is available for v1 customers.

Dojo Ease is an After Effects script that allows you to quickly change the speed and influence values for all selected keyframes. Make repetitive graph edits simple by automating the process using Dojo Ease. You can also apply different easing presets to quickly get the results you need if you don’t want to manually adjust or define the values.

Demo Video:


  • Quickly change speed and influence values of multiple selected keyframes
  • Individually adjust speed/influence in and speed/influence out
  • Manually enter in speed and influence values
  • 5 presets to quickly applying ease types
  • Slim and simple UI for easy dockable access
  • Hide header image and ease controls for compact interface for applying presets


v1.3.2 (8/12/15)

  • Switched to temporary binary string images to prevent “invalid image data” error

v1.3.1 (5/27/15)

  • Fixed “Overshoot” expression bug that resulted in an error

v1.3 (5/22/15)

  • Improved “Rubber Ease” expression (now renamed “Overshoot”)
  • Added new “Bounce” easing type
  • Added 3 custom user presets for easing
  • Fixed bug that failed to enable “Influence Out” field on “Linked Ease Mode” sometimes
  • Updated help window UI
  • Cleaned up code

v1.2 (12/10/14)

  • Added new updated “Rubber Ease” mode from older Dojo Toolkit version for advanced easing
  • Fixed bug that caused failure to apply ease if PropertyGroup or MaskPropertyGroup was selected also
  • Updated UI to be more compact
  • Removed colored button text
  • Updated help window and instructions
  • Cleaned up code for efficiency

v1.1 (8/30/14)

  • Fixed improper ‘Check for Update’ URL
  • Fixed header image alignment when unhidden

v1.0 (8/14/14)

  • Initial release


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