• Speed up your After Effects workflow
  • Keep your projects tidy and organized


Bolt is an After Effects tool built to speed up your workflow so you can focus on what you do best: design. With hundreds of layers, effects, and expressions in your projects slowing you down, valuable time is wasted as you constantly switch layers/effects on and off, solo layers, lower the preview quality, and manage the layer stacks. Bolt was designed to help alleviate some of these trivial problems.


  • Toggle¬†specific layers/effects on/off to focus on certain aspects of your comp.
  • Declutter your timeline by quickly showing only interested layers and hiding the rest
  • Instantly toggle between composition preview quality for faster previewing, with ability to toggle depth of field and motion blur
  • Trim layers to keyframe duration and set workarea to layer duration
  • Assign layer groups different color labels, or assign them random ones
  • Quickly remove gaps between sequenced layers
  • Rearrange the layer stack in sequential order for easy organization
  • Fast creation of adjustment layers & solids
  • Bulk edit all the text layers with a quick selection
  • Mass toggle light and shadow acceptance for 3D layers



v1.2 (9/7/18)
- Added secondary feature to "Select text layers" where pressing "SHIFT" would select all non-text layers
- Fixed bug where "Sort layers by time" would disorganize layers after first successful run

v1.1 (9/6/18)
- Fixed "Sort layers by time" bug where layer order wasn't properly arranged in some cases
- Major code cleanup 

v1.0 (8/1/17)
- Initial release

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