• Speed up your After Effects workflow
  • Keep your projects tidy and organized


Bolt is an After Effects tool built to speed up your workflow so you can focus on what you do best: design. With hundreds of layers, effects, and expressions in your projects slowing you down, valuable time is wasted as you constantly switch layers/effects on and off, solo layers, lower the preview quality, and manage the layer stacks. Bolt was designed to help alleviate some of these trivial problems.


  • Toggle¬†specific layers/effects on/off to focus on certain aspects of your comp.
  • Declutter your timeline by quickly showing only interested layers and hiding the rest
  • Instantly toggle between composition preview quality for faster previewing, with ability to toggle depth of field and motion blur
  • Trim layers to keyframe duration and set workarea to layer duration
  • Assign layer groups different color labels, or assign them random ones
  • Quickly remove gaps between sequenced layers
  • Rearrange the layer stack in sequential order for easy organization
  • Fast creation of adjustment layers & solids
  • Bulk edit all the text layers with a quick selection
  • Mass toggle light and shadow acceptance for 3D layers

Help Documentation & Changelog

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If you purchased Bolt prior to 2021, you most likely were on our old platform (we now currently use Gumroad to distribute products). Contact us via our contact form and we’ll migrate your license over.

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