NAB 2015: Cinema 4D MoGraph Tutorials & Breakdowns


The MoGraph module is what makes Cinema 4D very powerful and interesting for motion graphics. Not only does it make it very easy to create certain objects and movements, but with the right knowledge and mindset, you could make MoGraph an advanced and dynamic rig for your designs. MoGraph is critical for motion graphics in Cinema 4D, and thanks to our partners over at Cineversity, we’re able to provide you guys a digestible chunk of knowledge and resources to up your MoGraph game. Today, you’ll learn projection mapping, how to create graffiti text, Sketch and Toon for flat design, the C4D to After Effects Exchange to make a sci-fi interface, Mograph for show opens, stadium graphics, and a low poly landscape.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Barton Damer: Blending Impactful Motion Graphics with Live-Action from Cineversity.

Barton Damer from demonstrates how simple Cinema 4D workflows can achieve dramatic results in projects for MTV Fantasy Factory, Street League Skateboarding and Nike Flyknit.

NAB 2015 Rewind – EJ Hassenfratz, eyedesyn: Workflow for Sports Motion Graphics from Cineversity.

EJ Hassenfratz of eyedesyn shows how he utilized Cinema 4D’s MoGraph and PoseMorph features in three separate motion graphics pieces: Ford Tough Science, Newton Awards and Sacramento Kings Court Projection Mapping.

NAB 2015 Rewind – EJ Hassenfratz, Eyedesyn: Adding Cinema 4D to your 2D Workflow with Sketch and Toon from Cineversity.

Learn how to use Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon, MoGraph and deformers to create 2D ‘flat design’ animations in this presentation from EJ Hassenfratz of eyedesyn.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Robyn Haddow: Breakdown of FUI Shots for the Flash and Arrow from Cineversity.

Robyn Haddow shows how she and Scarab Digital use Cinema 4D’s fast workflow to create fantasy user interfaces within the quick turnaround of episodic TV for CW’s The Flash and Arrow.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Jeremy Cox: Designing WGN’s Manhattan and SXSW Gaming Awards Ident from Cineversity.

Jeremy Cox from Imaginary Forces demonstrates how Cinema 4D was used in titles for WGN’s Manhattan and the SXSW Gaming Awards.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Kevin Aguirre: How Cinema 4D Simplifies Complex VFX from Cineversity.

Cake’s Kevin Aguirre demonstrates Cinema 4D workflow techniques used in the creation of show opens for DirecTV’s Red Zone and Fantasy Zone.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Kevin Aguirre: In the Zone with Cinema 4D’s MoGraph Tools from Cineversity.

Kevin Aguirre from Cake Studios presents Cinema 4D techniques used to create energetic effects in stadium graphics for the Philadelphia Eagles.

NAB 2015 Rewind – Julia Siemon: C4D/AE Workflow for Stunning Motion Graphics from Cineversity.

Julia Siemon demonstrates techniques she used creating low poly mountains via the Displacer deformer and layered noises and gradients. She shows how Cineware makes it easy to composite and adjust the 3D in After Effects, and how to create a separate height map pass to use in compositing.

Thanks again to Maxon US and, for recording and publishing the 2015 NAB Live Cinema 4D Presentations. They have a lot more to release, so stay tuned for additional presentations. If you like these presentations or find this post useful, feel free to leave your feedback below in the comments!

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