Liquid Simulations with X-Particles v2.5

Liquid Simulation X-Particles 01

After a bit more experimenting, I tried to create something a little bit more specific as opposed to just a ton of bursting particles. In this experiment, I tried and tackled liquid simulations as that’s one of the many unique characteristics of X-Particle’s particle system. Overall, I was somewhat happy with the results of the water and how easy it was to set things up.

Render time was 5hrs 14min at 720p on a i7 3770K 4.0 GHz, 32GB of RAM. The liquid simulation rendered surprisingly faster than I had expected. X-Particles was emitted using a sphere emitter, with about 12,000 particles. Foam was used as a second spawn emitter. The whole thing was lit using the default Physical Sky. Motion blur was then added in After Effects, where color correction and grading was done.

Liquid Simulation X-Particles 02
It’s surprising that a particle system like this can simulate pretty decent liquids. Although it isn’t like Realflow, it can get a lot of the task done that would¬†usually be done in Realflow. I wasn’t happy with the foam in this render, it seemed too much like particles and less like a cohesive bubbly foam (though motion blur helped with that). X-Particles is extremely fun to play around with and I can’t wait to keep experimenting and create cool stuff.

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