Kuler 5 Relaunch: Destruction

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It’s been a solid two years since the last Kuler 5 competition, so I thought it’d be time to bring it back since we have so many new creative designers in the Dojo community! We got a lot of great submissions two years ago, and I have no doubt we’ll get even better ones this time around.

What is Kuler 5

Kuler 5 is a friendly competition where designers create a 5 second animation using only colors from a specific Kuler color palette they create or find. The animation is based on a particular theme for that specific contest (such as ‘holidays’, or ‘water’). At the end of the contest, I’ll select the top 3 winners which I will showcase their work on the next DojoTV episode as well as provide some commentary and feedback. As winners, it’s a great way to gain exposure and recognition for your work. Even if you don’t win, making something and challenging yourself with restrictions helps you become more creative. Kuler 5 is also a great way to create stuff to add to your demo reel!


  • Theme: Destruction
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Must only use colors from an existing Kuler palette or create one
  • Submit by leaving a comment with your Name, Video URL, Kuler palette used, and Website
  • Deadline is August 26th 2014 by 11:59PM CSTThis Kuler 5 contest is over


  • Avoid using gradients or shading, try to really stick to the 5 colors on the Kuler palette only
  • Take your time and really think of a clever or creative idea/portrayal
  • Add sound effects/music if you can! (Royalty free, no copyrighted material)
  • You don’t need to use the word “Destruction” in there (but you can if you want)

The theme this time is destruction, so get crazy and destroy everything! It could be funny, it could be serious, it could be anything, so get started creating something awesome! I’m really looking forward to all the submissions and can’t wait to see all the unique and interesting ideas you guys come up with. Let me know if you folks have any questions!


By Lage Lind | Kuler Palette

By Rickard Bengtsson | Kuler Palette

By Kevin Snyder | Kuler Palette

Honorable Mentions

By Claude Autret | Kuler Palette

by Mikael Stokkebro | Kuler Palette

54 thoughts on “Kuler 5 Relaunch: Destruction

  1. Hi VinhSon,
    what kind of resolution and movie format do you need?
    1920×1080 or 1240×720? .mov or H.264?
    Cheers, Micha

  2. Quick question, with the 5 colors, are we allowed to lighten or darken them for some depth or should it be a solid 5 colors only?

    1. Preferably, I’d like them to be 5 solid colors (no gradients, shading, etc) but hey if you create something cool still, it shouldn’t matter too much. Just try your best to stick with the exact colors. 🙂

      1. Sorry 4 delay … I was on vacation 🙂
        Yes, I use Element 3D for the earth at the beginning and then Nodes 2.

          1. Yes, had some great days.
            Wow … that sound brilliant for you. I’m convinced that you make a cool video.

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