Introducing the Dojo Text Generator Script by CreativeDojo

Dojo Text Generator
The Dojo Text Generator Script by CreativeDojo is a utility that will speed up your workflow on text heavy projects. The script instantly generates multiple text layers based on user input or existing text layers. You can define when words or phrases get separated into separate text layers, and you can even break apart existing words in existing text layers onto their own text layers based on rules.

You’ll never have to sit there and manually create multiple text layers again. Simply copy and paste your words in or type it once, and generate everything all at once. The best part is, the script is absolutely free based on the “Name Your Own Price” model. If you find the script useful, feel free to donate anything you’d like. If you want to download it for free, enter $0 in the price field.

Demo Video


  • Instantly generate text based on text input or existing words from text layers
  • Define what gets separated onto its own text layer
  • Break apart text onto individual text layers (supports multiple text layers!)
  • Options to flip the stacking order, enable 3D, and enable motion blur
  • Supports AE CS3+


You can download Dojo Text Generator Script here

If you’d like to skip the checkout process and download the scripts immediately, use the box below to unlock the download!

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Thanks for your support! If you guys have any questions, requests, or feedback, feel free to post them in the comments below. If you like this script, check out other Dojo Scripts available.


9 thoughts on “Introducing the Dojo Text Generator Script by CreativeDojo

      1. No problem. Hey, I sent you an email via your contact form a while back with some questions. Did you happen to see it? Let me know. Keep up the awesome tutorials.

      1. it change the text direction from right to left to be from left to write which make the first letter comes last >>> it seems like you write gne instead of eng >> and also it separates the arabic letters from each other >>> if u have friend who can read arabic he will show you what i mean more than me here 🙂

  1. Hey! This plugin has been a life saver for me! Doing a 400 word kinetic typography video and this certainly speeds up the work! Now that I have been using this for a while and noticed that I almost always need a null object as well. So, could you make a nice option where you could tell Dojo text generator to create x-amount of null objects too? Would that be in any way possible?

    1. Thanks for the support! While this is definitely possible, Dojo Text Generator may not be the best script to incorporate this in. What do you do with your nulls so I can take note!

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