Glitchy and Twitchy

Aside from lens flares, we’ve all probably tried creating the mograph abstract ‘glitchy’ or ‘twitchy’ effect, whether it’s for your abstract blob render from Cinema 4D or your sci-fi trailer. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of awesome tools out there to help you achieve this effect nicely, such as the infamous Twitch plugin by Video Copilot.

These plugins are my preferable choice when trying to create a nice glitchy effect but when you don’t have these fancy plugins, how do you create it? You’ll soon find out in my upcoming tutorial where we’ll be constructing the glitchy/twitchy effect all within After Effects with no 3rd party plugins. Of course we’ll be adding some expression controls to more easily control everything, we’ll be using a few basic expressions and parenting, learn how to split the RGB channels, and most importantly having fun.

Stay tuned, this tutorial will be up later in the week! In the meantime, what do you think about the glitchy/twitchy effect? When should it be used and what enhancements can we make to it to sell the effect?

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