Free Light Leaks Pack

Need some quick and easy light leaks for your projects? Here’s 15 light leaks I’m giving away for free in my latest Light Leaks Pack! It’s the least I could do to give back to the awesome supportive community I have here at the Dojo. The pack contains 15, full 1080p HD clips of real light leaks.

You can download them here (name your own price)

You can use these in your personal or commercial projects. No link back required, but feel free to give the Dojo a shoutout. You may not redistribute or include these files in your own free/commercial products. The only place people should be able to get these files are from this website.

Premium Light Leaks

If you want additional professional light leaks, check out the Light Glow Pack, which includes 28 4K organic light elements. These are production-ready assets made for your commercial or personal projects.

Ideas & Examples

Here’s an example of how you can use light leaks in your animations. I created this awhile back not using this pack, but it should give you an idea. Play around with the blending modes (Add, Screen, Color Dodge, etc) and add some color correction/grading, you should get some interesting results. You can even colorize the light leaks to something wild like a neon blue and combine leaks together to form longer/random leaks.

Hope you guys enjoy the pack and hopefully all the downloads won’t crash the server! These aren’t the greatest light leaks, but they should get the job done and allow you to play around with the old school style. If you create anything cool with these, let me know down in the comments below. I’d love to hear all the feedback and comments.

135 thoughts on “Free Light Leaks Pack

  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for these awesome FREE light leaks. I just used them to add a bit of styling to a motion menu for a wedding DVD. Check it out if you’d like to:

    I will definitely be coming back to creativedojo much more in the future, this was the first time I was even here and I got something for FREE!

    1. Awesome work buddy, love the shoots too! Definitely re-visit often as there will be more cool free stuff and learning resources.

  2. VinhSon Nguyen you are like our little Jesus Christ , what a saviour !. LOVE from Cameroon , i wish u success , prosperity , long & a happy Life to u & ur entire famiy.

  3. Hey Vinhson!

    These are so amazing, I don’t believe you gave them out for free!!! I was shocked, thanks for that!

  4. Hey VinhSon,

    Not sure if its my connection, but when I click to download it says “Download does not exist”.

    Is the download still active?

    Thanks a million!


  5. OMG, thanks for the light leaks pack you’ve given. The light leaks are all great! Cảm ơn bạn from me in Indonesia! 😀

  6. Thank you so much, they look very nice 🙂
    I have a question: if I understand well I cannot use some of these leaks in an after effects photo gallery and then sell the gallery on videohive or similar sites, am I correct?

    1. Thanks!

      Correct because then you’d be packaging the files I made with the project. You “could” pre-render all the light leaks you used into one lightleak file and distribute that. This is a special case 🙂

  7. Hey VinhSon

    I’m new to After Effects and as I understand for me to use these Light Leaks (amazing by the way) I need them to be Alpha + RGB. Nice and easy to download but just need a bit of help getting them to work!!

    1. It’ll work in both, including all NLE editors. The clips are .mov files, so any application that supports .mov type files should support it!

  8. Hi, these look really great!

    I noticed that in your note it says the package is around 500mb, but when I downloaded it the package is only 34mb, and the mov’s seem to have some banding/compression artifacts.

    I’m still happy to use them, just curious if there’s a higher-quality download still available.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey buddy,

      Sorry, I forgot to change the file size. The original size was original 500mb but is not compressed to 34mb. Believe it or not, the original 500mb files were worse than the 34mb. I did a lot of artifact cleaning and grain removal. Trust me, if the 500mb files were better, I would’ve kept them 🙂

      Luckily, a bit of banding/compression won’t be visible when you set the transfer mode to add/screen, so it shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

  9. VinhSon, Your zip seems to have gotten corrupted some how. It downloads find but when I try to unzip it it says it is invalid. : ( Please help.

  10. ” I created this awhile back not using this pack, but it should give you an idea.”

    What’d did you use?? 🙂

    Excellent site btw

      1. Already having fun with the free pack! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

        I’ve lost count of all the music, picture, video and software plugins I have.

        They need to make some kind of plugin organizer.

  11. great, i have no twitter nor facebook account. sucks to offer the download only to people who have an account there.

  12. Thanks so much man You are freaken the man, I am such a dmubass it took me like 15 min to figure out why the hell I couldnt get them lol. but aweh these are awesome.

  13. Quick question. If I decide that I want to use any of your light leak effects in a YouTube video, am I allowed to do so? I don’t know what your terms/conditions are. I don’t plan on monetizing or anything, just for entertainment. My YouTube channel is StoicRS. If I have your permission to do so could you reply to me? Thanks!

    1. Hey man, the terms are included in the download, but to keep it simple: you may use the light leaks in your YouTube videos (monetized or not). The only thing you CAN’T do is distribute or give any part of the pack away/charge for them. Feel free to use it however you want 🙂

  14. Good job and thank so much VinhSon Nguyen.. hope you always successfull, a cup of coffee for you..

  15. Thank you so much for providing these! I’m having trouble opening the file once I download it… I have OS X Yosemite… says it can’t unzip the file because nothing is in it… sorry to be a bother.

  16. Thank you sharing this, but I can’t seem to download it either.
    Any help? Maybe I am missing something….

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