Dojo Task List Script: Manage Your Tasks & Ideas in After Effects

Dojo Task List is an After Effects script I’ve been working on to manage all the client’s requests, tasks, and ideas I have when working on a project. It can be a hassle managing all the things you need to get done, flipping between emails and AE to make sure you have everything completed. With this script, you can stay focused in AE and manage all your tasks right within the interface.

To be clear, this isn’t anything new. In fact, there’s at least 5 to-do list scripts out there on aescripts, and probably more out there on the web. This script is nothing more than a scripting exercise to help solve a personal workflow problem and I am happy to share my results with the Dojo community.


  • Add, remove, and edit list items
  • Mark list items as complete
  • Add titles and descriptions to list items
  • Import and export list items to another machine for easy transfer
  • Intuitive and simple UI


This script is a free script under the “Name Your Own Price” platform, so if you find this script useful, feel free to donate whatever amount you’d like. You can download Dojo Task List and donate here.

[sociallocker]Download Dojo Task List Script[/sociallocker]

If you’d rather skip the store procedures and download it immediately, you can unlock the download link by clicking on one of the social lockers above.

Hopefully Dojo Task List will be helpful to some of you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for new features, feel free to leave a comment down below. Thanks again for all your support!


9 thoughts on “Dojo Task List Script: Manage Your Tasks & Ideas in After Effects

  1. This one will help me get rid of most the yellow sticky note I’ve around my monitors .. Thank You .. glade to support

    1. Haha, we’ve all got those yellow sticky notes around our monitors! Thanks for your kind donations Abidal, your support is highly appreciated. If you have any suggestions on things you’d like to change, let me know!

      1. <3
        I just wish if I can resize the panel without getting the buttons on the left [Hide, Load & Save] to disappear..
        With this design it take a huge space on my working (Comps) area.. Maybe a future update will make it more responsive and not getting some of the feature out of the frame or panel.
        Thanks đŸ™‚

        1. Hi,

          Could you try restarting After Effects or reopening the script. The script actually is responsive and should resize to fit your panel. There seems to be some sort of bug with the interface.

          Thanks again!

  2. Hi VinhSon, I’ve just bumped into your script, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve copied it in the scripts folder in AE 2019 and I run it from File/Run script, etc

    The script appears in a floating window that can’t be attached to the UI as a panel. I assume this is a version issue but was wandering if there’s a workaround?


    1. Hey Axel, you won’t be able to dock it if it’s not in the “ScriptUI Panels” folder. Make sure it’s in that folder and not just the “Scripts” folder, restart AE, then launch it from the “Window” dropdown menu in AE.

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