Dojo Shifter Preview
I was working on some classic 2D motion graphic elements lately and found that staggering layers in the timeline was a painful, yet necessary process to get some poppy mesmerizing motion graphics. After a few days of work, I created a nifty little nifty script that would solve a majority of my problems in terms of offsetting and staggering layers. This is Dojo Shifter.

There are already a ton of layer shifting scripts out there, some better than mine, some not as advanced, and most of them are free. Dojo Shifter is not a script that tries to surpass these other scripts, nor is it a script that is trying to revolutionize or bring something new to the table. Dojo Shifter is a script I developed primarily to solve my issues and to practice my scripting abilities. I love to release the tools I develop to the community, so hopefully you find this tool useful.

Demo Video


  • Stagger layers on the timeline
  • Define stagger offset amount based on frames or seconds
  • Control staggering order (ascending, descending, etc)
  • Easily offset and stagger layers randomly
  • Shift selected layers forward based on frames/seconds

Download Dojo Shifter

As always, Dojo Shifter is absolutely FREE and is under the “Name Your Own Price” platform. If you like the script and find it useful, feel free to donate any amount you wish. You can enter $0 for price to get the script for free.

You may download Dojo Shifter here and donate if you don’t want to unlock the social locker below.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to ask down below! I’m always interested to hear of any new script suggestions as well. Have fun with the script and hope you find the script helpful!