The Dojo was founded to be a central place for learning motion graphics and visual effects through the community, by the community. There’s no better way to learn various subjects, workflows, and improve on mistakes than by collaborating with others in the industry. This is where the Dojo needs your contribution.

Contribute to the Dojo

Share your knowledge, tips, and ideas in a creative community and gain:

  • Paid compensation for your contribution
  • Direct exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers
  • Brand and work promotion/advertising
  • The satisfaction of contributing and helping the creative community

Types of Content

Here are some of the types of content we’re looking for:

  • Blog articles discussing anything industry or workflow related, specific artistic techniques, theory, news, or tips.
  • Video screencast tutorials covering software, design techniques or concepts, or project-based designs.
  • Reviews over the latest softwares, plugins, presets, or industry related products


To provide the best learning experience, we strive to only filter and show the best of the best content. Contributed content should:

  • Be proficient in the English language to a fair extent
  • Clear and clean audio (recorded with a proper microphone)
  • Screen recorded using a screen recording application (Screenflow, Camtasia, etc) or clean video filmed at 1920×1080
  • Cover topics including motion graphics, visual effects, filmmaking, design, theory, color, latest industry news, etc
  • Concise and well structured content

Submit Your Ideas

If you think you could provide the content as specified above, contact us and we’ll work out pricing, scheduling, and content approval.

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