Anicons: Customizable Icon Library for After Effects + Free Sample Pack

Anicons is a fully customizable and animated icon library for Adobe After Effects developed by Sebas and Clim. Basically, it’s a fully rigged graphical icon library that’s linked with expressions and pseudo effect controls, allowing you to easily animate and adjust icon parameters very easily.

Anicons was in development for over a year, and I was lucky enough to get an early sneak peak at the library. Here’s my quick review:

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it makes working with icons fun. A lot of time when we need icons for our projects, we’d usually design them ourselves using shapes in Illustrator and animate them in After Effects (very time consuming). Those of us who can’t create awesome illustrations are stuck with crummy basic icons, or are forced to purchase icons from marketplaces. These usually come as is and are very static, lacking easy customization controls and usually not animated.

Anicons gives us the ability to simply drop an icon in, play with a few sliders, and instantly get interesting, animated, and dynamic results. This is a timesaver and will come in handy very often with client work! What’s great is that you pay once, and get future updates absolutely free. If you do a lot of 2D style motion graphics, pick this package up!

Anicons 2


  • 40+ animated and customizable icons (View full gallery)
  • 1000x1000px in size
  • Easily change colors, stroke thickness, and hide/show certain features
  • Quickly change the animation or remove detail from icons
  • Icon controls neatly organized as pseudo effect controls
  • Free updates to additional icons in the future
  • Price: 39 ($50.33)

Free Anicons Sample Pack

As always, the Dojo has you guys covered. Sebas and Clim were gracious enough to offer the Dojo community an awesome free sample pack to try out the Anicons library. If you like what you’re getting, buy the whole library!

[sociallocker]Download Anicons Sample Pack (Free)[/sociallocker]

Overall, I think Anicons is a really neat icon library, especially in the motion world of After Effects. I hope you guys enjoy the free sample pack, and support Sebas and Clim’s Anicons product. So what do you guys think of Anicons and using pre-made animated icons? How useful would these icons be in your projects? Let me know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Anicons: Customizable Icon Library for After Effects + Free Sample Pack

  1. Thanks for sharing, I was trying to ask AESweet team if they could do a animated icons pack something to do for my next infographic project but thank god I stopped by your site, This is will save me a great time and focus on something els … Thanks VinSon 🙂

  2. You’re the best man, I’ve learn alot about scripting on your website, and now about this cool library, Keep doing it, I am axious to see more of your work.

  3. Cool stuff. I’ve been wondering if I should offer a template based video to my clients. Something that comes almost fully animated, for clients who can’t afford full production. There are some cool character pack on Video Hive. Do you have anything on Video Hive? I saw you wearing an Envato shirt in one of your videos.

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