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The folks over at AEJuice have released a new product, “Seamless Transitions”. It’s a product geared towards editors, and is essentially a library of drag/drop transitions that have been very popular, especially in the vlogging/YouTube space. We’ll break down what you need to know about this product. Note, AEJuice did sponsor this review, but have no say in the content of the review. All opinions are of my own.

Another Transition Pack?

There are plenty of transition libraries out there, some that are basic .ffx files, and some even come with a full fledged browser. AEJuice competes well in this regards, as they have a ton of variation including glitches, zooms, pans, rotations, stylized looks, and all the categories you’d expect. You’ll be able to see animated previews of all the transitions, easily browse the library, and customize the look/timing to your taste.

The Ecosystem

What really makes “Seamless Transitions” unique is that it utilizes AEJuice’s Pack Manager, the hub extension that powers all their products. The extension really makes it easy to fully customize your transitions. You can filter transitions based on directions, add easing to the in/out points, adjust the timing, and adjust the amount of motion blur for all the transitions. A neat feature is the ability to add various camera shakes to any transition, making it feel a lot more dynamic and natural.

Like a lot of their products, “Seamless Transitions” also comes with beautiful style presets. This means you can add chromatic aberrations, glows, noise, distortions, exposure blooms, and other styles to any of your transitions to really dial in the look.

The Verdict

This pack is perfect for any content creator, as transitions can be used anywhere. I think many social media influencers, vloggers, and YouTubers will really benefit from this pack in their arsenals. The pack has a ton of variation, all which can be additionally customized with timing/styles/camera shakes to make the transitions look less cookie-cutter. I did experience a few bugs (I was using an early version) where the “Animate Shortcut” feature to auto-apply transitions didn’t work. The interface can be a bit slow if you’re previewing a ton of transitions with small thumbnails, but that isn’t necessarily the extension’s fault. At only $49, this pack is a steal for any video or content creator. At the moment, it’s for After Effects only but they will be releasing a Premiere version as well.

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