Cyberpunk HUD, Kinetic Typography, and Titles Pack by AEJuice

We’ve talked about AEJuice products in the past, they make a ton of great asset packs and templates for motion design at a crazy affordable price. Today we’re talking about their latest 3 packs: Cyberpunk HUD, Kinetic Typography, and Titles. AEJuice sponsored the video, but have no say in the content and criticism in the video. All opinions are of my own, and I try to be as unbiased as possible.

Cyberpunk HUD

This is probably my favorite pack, as it includes a ton of intricate backgrounds, text presets, digital assets like glitches, overlays, and Instagram story format elements. It also comes with MOGRT files for use in Premiere Pro and it’s rigged up perfectly.


  • A ton of value for the price (15 stories, 20 backgrounds, 30 text presets, 50 assets, and 15 overlays)
  • Very detailed and complex designs, many variations with different colors for inspiration
  • You get everything you need to create something in this cyberpunk genre, from simple backgrounds to complex titles. This is a good starting point


  • Sound effects don’t auto-preview

Kinetic Typography

I love kinetic typography, so seeing this in a pack is very satisfying. The pack is fun, and it can definitely save you a lot of time from setting up rigs and distortions. The downside is that the elements aren’t quit versatile, you won’t be reusing these things often and customization potential is somewhat limit by design. I love it, but don’t have much use for it at the moment. Your mileage may vary.


  • Fun, has all sorts of speeds/directions
  • Can be inspiring if creating your own animations


  • Not as versatile, low re-use potential
  • Using it as a base for customization isn’t as robust. Probably not the pack’s fault per se, just the nature of kinetic typography “templates”


This is probably the most versatile and useful pack for many of us, including a ton of variations of lower thirds, text titles, callouts, and more. They range from simple designs to very cartoon-ish designs. They are fully rigged with controls, responsive and auto-adjust to text size, and also work with Premiere via MOGRTs. The pack does have some clean titles, but a lot of them are somewhat flashy since it seems geared towards social media and marketing (of course you can always go in and adjust the design to your liking).


  • Lots of variation, including titles, lower thirds, and callouts
  • Works in Premiere via MOGRTs
  • Very versatile, high re-use potential, and easily customizable


  • Wish they included more simple/clean designs over some of the flashy/cartoony stuff

Overall, AEJuice makes some quality stuff for the price. They also have a lot of free stuff, so go grab some assets and try them out. Subscribe to their YouTube channel for videos and updates. I’m curious as to what y’all think about any of these 3 products. Would you use any of these? Let me know down below.

One thought on “Cyberpunk HUD, Kinetic Typography, and Titles Pack by AEJuice

  1. This needs to be updated to specifically state that the PREMIERE version of their Cyberpunk plugin CANNOT have different fonts and the included font is AWFUL, it’s NOT the one in their videos. They announced almost a year ago that they would add the functionality to change fonts, but they STILL HAVEN’T and they DO NOT PLAN TO!

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