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Understanding and Creating Bevels Using ShapeShifter for After Effects

In this tutorial for Mettle, I take a look at how bevels work within ShapeShifter for After Effects. Now unlike Cinema 4D where you can just create bevels with some sliders, with ShapeShifter you’re going to have to use maps to drive the bevel.

Now at first, this may seem more tedious than anything else, but by using maps, you can create some very complex and diverse bevels.You can even create animated bevels or bevels with different levels all within a single bevel map. The possibilities are endless and ShapeShifter proves again to be very powerful.

Aside from discussing how bevels work, I’ll also be exploring the free bevels/styles project file provided by Mettle. You can download the project file here to play around. You can also watch the preview video above displaying some of the project file elements and different styles.

If you guys have any questions, comments, or feedback, leave them down below and I’ll try my best to answer them. Have a wonderful day folks!

  • Jason

    Hi VinhSon,

    Thanks for the great tut – ShapeShifter is great.

    How did you create that wispy effect? With Trapcode Particular/Form I take it?


    • VinhSonNguyen

      Hey Jason,

      The wispy effect was done with Trapcode Form using Displacement and Fractals 🙂