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Low Poly Mountains With Trapcode Mir

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at how to re-create the low poly mountains as seen in the “Creating Titles Using TypeMonkey” tutorial. We’ll be using Trapcode Mir to create the mountains, and finish it off with some color correction, grading, and stylization. We’ll cover a lot of features of Trapcode Mir, so if you’re unfamiliar with Mir, this will be a great intro tutorial for the plugin.

You can buy Trapcode Mir here

Low Poly Mountain Trapcode Mir 02
I encourage you all to experiment with this plugin, like everything else in motion graphics. It’s extremely easy to create different abstract things in Mir due to the insanely fast rendering speeds and controls, so have fun at it. Play around with the fractal and geometry parameters as those are key to making interesting looking shapes. Add lights and play around with the materials to get a unique look, then top it off with some sweet grading for a finished render.

For example, instead of doing the typical landscape stuff, you can create some pretty elegant and organic stuff with Mir as well similar to what I did in Pouring Roses. You can also create galaxies, abstract streaks, and a lot more. The only limit is your imagination.

If you create anything interesting or have some questions, feel free to share them below. Also, if you have feedback on anything, feel free to leave a comment down below!

  • Joe Nicklo

    Hey VinhSon, I made something similar to this look a little while ago. Check it out

    Definitely going to check out your tut later today.

  • Rodrigo

    I can´t make my MIR to look organic, some help? I want that cloth effect on Pouring Roses 🙁

    • Experiment my friend, use high amounts of vertices, less frequency, and play with Flow and Evolution.

  • Joe Nicklo

    Just finished the tut. Pretty straight forward as always. I didn’t even notice Ambient Occlusion when I did the project I posted earlier. Makes a difference.

  • Yes, galaxies! Peder, the founder of Trapcode, put together a Nebula kit for Mir which you could mess around with and come up with something close:

  • Awesome work, thanks for sharing!

  • Barbe Kyou

    Thanks you very much for your Tutorial, It’s awesome man !

    This my work :

    • Awesome, nice camera movements and thanks for the mention in the description!

  • badr bouabid

    Please i have a problem with Effect “Mir” when drag it to timeline surprise me an error (After Effect error :crash occured while invoking effect plug-in “Mir” ) Can you help me bro ! Thank you

    • Must be a conflict with AE and the renderer of Mir. Contact Red Giant support for help with this.