KeyDisplayer visualizes and displays your keystrokes live on the screen during your screencasts or presentations. KeyDisplayer was built from the ground up and aimed towards screencasters to better enhance the presentation and add ease for the viewer with convenient and clean HUD-like keystroke displays for the Windows platform. Don’t allow your viewers to question what keys you pressed, don’t waste your time explaining them, show them.

NEW UPDATE | V3 Features:

  • For Windows 7 and below
  • Clean and sleek design that looks great for any presentation
  • Highly customizable and configurable options panel
  • Choose to ignore certain keys such as “SHIFT” or “SPACE”
  • Live updating and previewing
  • Easily temporarily disable KeyDisplayer with a keystroke combo
  • Set and define the width for perfect positioning
  • Change text alignment for proper animation
  • Ability to change font size, colors, and more.
  • Smooth fade transitions

The Birth of KeyDisplayer
Throughout the Windows platform, there was never a good working solution to display keystrokes and combinations with a nice, clean, and simple interface similar to those from the Mac platform. The idea for KeyDisplayer came from Jerzy Drozda Jr, aka Maltaannon, who made a similar application called ‘KeySnatcher’. The development for KeySnatcher came to a halt and was never released to the public (at least while this application was being made). VinhSon Nguyen decided to pick up the idea and make it into a working and finalized product. With the help of Matt Laux, we both now present to you the final product, KeyDisplayer.


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NOTE: Development and support for KeyDisplayer has stopped for the time being. Windows 8 support is not guaranteed.


“I stumbled upon a youtube video for KeyDisplayer, demonstrating almost identical look and functionality to Keycastr. Jackpot!” –

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