Free Light Leaks Pack

Free Light Leaks Pack

Free Light Leaks

Ever need some quick and easy light leaks for your projects? Here’s 16 light leaks I’m giving away for free in my Light Leaks Pack! It’s the least I could do to give back to the awesome supportive community I have here at the Dojo.

The pack contains 15, full 1080p HD clips of real light leaks.

You can download them here:

You can use these in your personal or commercial projects. No link back required, but feel free to give the Dojo a shoutout. You may not redistribute or include these files in your own free/commercial products. The only place people should be able to get these files are from this website.

Ideas & Examples

Here’s an example of how you can use light leaks in your animations. I created this awhile back not using this pack, but it should give you an idea. Play around with the blending modes (Add, Screen, Color Dodge, etc) and add some color correction/grading, you should get some interesting results. You can even colorize the light leaks to something wild like a neon blue and combine leaks together to form longer/random leaks.

Hope you guys enjoy the pack and hopefully all the downloads won’t crash the server! These aren’t the greatest light leaks, but they should get the job done and allow you to play around with the old school style. If you create anything cool with these, let me know down in the comments below. I’d love to hear all the feedback and comments.

  • Ran Ben Avraham

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      Thanks for the support Ran!

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  • Hudson Peden


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  • Scott

    Awesome! Thank you so much for these awesome FREE light leaks. I just used them to add a bit of styling to a motion menu for a wedding DVD. Check it out if you’d like to:

    I will definitely be coming back to creativedojo much more in the future, this was the first time I was even here and I got something for FREE!

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Awesome work buddy, love the shoots too! Definitely re-visit often as there will be more cool free stuff and learning resources.

  • Hung Hoang Viet

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      Anytime :)

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  • Dana Jean Phoenix

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  • Kenyon

    Thank you for sharing these it is very generous of you!

  • Hasan Halai

    Hey Vinhson!

    These are so amazing, I don’t believe you gave them out for free!!! I was shocked, thanks for that!

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Absolutely! Thanks for your support!

  • andrew

    Hey VinhSon,

    Not sure if its my connection, but when I click to download it says “Download does not exist”.

    Is the download still active?

    Thanks a million!


  • Leslie Ferrer

    I get a “Download does not exist” page. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

  • RED

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  • Charis Chu

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  • Simone

    This is very kind from you.
    It’s nice when we help each other.
    Thanks a lot
    By the way, these leaks are beautiful

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Thank you Simone, glad I could share something! :)

  • witanfear

    sorprendente muchas gracias un gran abrazo desde México

  • Jim McGorman


    Nice job on creating some tasteful leaks. I’m eager to give them a whirl.


  • Keanu Ariel

    OMG, thanks for the light leaks pack you’ve given. The light leaks are all great! Cảm ơn bạn from me in Indonesia! :D

  • Sally

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  • Sammy

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  • Gino C

    You’re a good man, VinhSon!

    These are fantastic leaks.

    Thank you very much!

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      Thanks for the support Gino!

  • aidan

    love these leaks, used them to make this retro Christmas video

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Nice work!

  • Hussain Ali AlMarkhi

    I Search for this pack more than month !! I really forget to check your site bro really sorry and thank you very Much I will down load it now it’s look amazing <3

  • shi

    Thanks for sharing:)

  • Minh

    Thank you! Great job. nice to see a talented vietnamese!

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  • Josh

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  • Andrew

    Thank you so much, they look very nice :)
    I have a question: if I understand well I cannot use some of these leaks in an after effects photo gallery and then sell the gallery on videohive or similar sites, am I correct?

    • VinhSon Nguyen


      Correct because then you’d be packaging the files I made with the project. You “could” pre-render all the light leaks you used into one lightleak file and distribute that. This is a special case :)

  • Erick

    Awesome, Thank you. :}

  • Jack

    Hey VinhSon

    I’m new to After Effects and as I understand for me to use these Light Leaks (amazing by the way) I need them to be Alpha + RGB. Nice and easy to download but just need a bit of help getting them to work!!

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Just put them on top of a layer and change the blending mode to Screen or Add (:

  • derek ellis

    Thanks for the free download! Does this work with fcpx? or just aftereffects?

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      It’ll work in both, including all NLE editors. The clips are .mov files, so any application that supports .mov type files should support it!

  • Indian Photographer in Chicago

    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lam Dang

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    These are great, thanks for sharing!

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    Hi VinhSon, thanks for sharing – I came across this but the download link says “Download does not exist.”

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      Just updated the link, should be working again :)

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  • Javi Arroyo

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  • sncfrk

    Hi, these look really great!

    I noticed that in your note it says the package is around 500mb, but when I downloaded it the package is only 34mb, and the mov’s seem to have some banding/compression artifacts.

    I’m still happy to use them, just curious if there’s a higher-quality download still available.

    Thank you!

    • VinhSonNguyen

      Hey buddy,

      Sorry, I forgot to change the file size. The original size was original 500mb but is not compressed to 34mb. Believe it or not, the original 500mb files were worse than the 34mb. I did a lot of artifact cleaning and grain removal. Trust me, if the 500mb files were better, I would’ve kept them :)

      Luckily, a bit of banding/compression won’t be visible when you set the transfer mode to add/screen, so it shouldn’t be a problem :)

  • Allan White

    VinhSon, thank you sincerely for sharing these. Can’t wait to give them a try!

    • VinhSonNguyen

      Thanks for the support Allan, let me know if you create something cool with them :)

  • Jake Kelsick

    VinhSon, Your zip seems to have gotten corrupted some how. It downloads find but when I try to unzip it it says it is invalid. : ( Please help.

    • VinhSonNguyen

      Hey Jake,

      Try refreshing your browser and re-download again. Should be up and working now :)

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  • Another Substance

    ” I created this awhile back not using this pack, but it should give you an idea.”

    What’d did you use?? :)

    Excellent site btw

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      I used a pack on VideoHive, don’t quite remember what it was called :)

      • Another Substance

        Already having fun with the free pack! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

        I’ve lost count of all the music, picture, video and software plugins I have.

        They need to make some kind of plugin organizer.

  • Cropped Media

    Thanks a lot for this pack. Nice work!

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  • videoEditor

    great, i have no twitter nor facebook account. sucks to offer the download only to people who have an account there.

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      It’s a free product, people will complain for anything. You can download it without any gimmicks at the store. (free of course)

  • Lukasz Lindell

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    Dude! thank you so much for these. The fact that you’re handing them out for free is unbelievable.

    • VinhSon Nguyen

      Hope you find them useful!

  • VinhSon Nguyen

    Premiere Pro has blending modes too…set the blending modes to “Add” or “Screen”.

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  • Jet

    Thanks so much man You are freaken the man, I am such a dmubass it took me like 15 min to figure out why the hell I couldnt get them lol. but aweh these are awesome.

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