Dojo Script Updates and New Features

Dojo Script Updates 1-28-14
All the Dojo Scripts from CreativeDojo have recently been updated with new features, workflow improvements, UI changes, and bug fixes. I’ve been working diligently to push out an update that will change the way you work with the scripts currently. I want to show my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who have donated any amount for these scripts. These rapid updates and improvements are a direct response to the donations I’ve been getting recently ever since I made the scripts open for the ‘Name Your Own Price’ platform. Note: The scripts are still free of charge to download, simply enter $0 in the price field. Let’s take a look at some of the things I’ve changed.

Update Overview Demo

Download the Dojo Scripts

Download the Dojo Scripts Here

If you don’t want to download the scripts via the store (still free), you can alternatively use the sharing buttons below to instantly unlock the download links.

Overview of Changes & New Features

  • You can now glitch and extrude multiple layers at once with Dojo Glitch and Dojo Extruder
  • Control individual glitch and extrusions using individual null controllers that are dynamically named
  • Dojo Glitch has a cool new Displacement feature that will really make your glitches look more real and chaotic
  • Dojo Toolkit has 5 new expressions added
  • Major UI overhaul, fully documented and larger help window, new banner images
  • Lots of default values tweaked
  • Code was re-written to execute faster and more efficiently
  • A ton of bug fixes (of course!)

There are actually a lot more changes, you can view the change logs for a full list of what’s new. I’d highly recommend deleting the older versions of the Dojo Scripts and re-install the latest updates as it’ll fix a lot of bugs in the previous versions and will allow you to execute commands to multiple layers faster.

Thanks again for all the wonderful support! I’m extremely happy that these scripts that I originally wrote for myself ended up being very useful for others as well. If you enjoyed these scripts and found them helpful, feel free to donate any amount and buy me a coffee! Also, many thanks to all the beta testers who helped me refine all the bugs. I’m currently in the process of developing a few larger scripts, and can’t wait to share them with you all. As always, if you have any feature requests for any of my scripts, or would like to request a new script, leave them in the comments below!

  • Joe Nicklo

    Thanks for doing these. I use Dojo Toolkit all the time and it helps with productivity for sure. One problem though — I had an issue unzipping the DoJo Extruder file. It gave me a corrupted archive error on two different computers (OS X Lion on one and OS X Mavericks on the other). The other zips opened up just fine.

  • Marty

    Working on Burning Fire Logo. Great lesson. Thanks.