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Mettle ShapeShifter

Abstract Designs with Mettle’s ShapeShifter

ShapeShifter is an awesome plugin for After Effects, you can do so much with it. The plugin comes loaded with tons of parameters that you’ll have to explore similar to Trapcode Form. Aside from deep extrusions and mind blowing organic animations, you can also create some really amazing abstract stuff. Here are some abstract screenshots […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • February 25, 2012

ShapeShifter Render: Transforming Text

I recently got my hands on Mettle’s ShapeShifter plugin for AE. Although this isn’t a review post on ShapeShifter, let me start off by saying that the plugin is absolutely fantastic, fast, and versatile. This was my first time really digging through and messing with ShapeShifter. The goal was to create something very abstract similar to the videos […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • February 2, 2012

Kuler 5: Once Upon a Time

With so many of you guys requesting a new Kuler 5, I finally made the time to push out a new theme: Once Upon a Time. Remember, this contest is open for your creativity, you can do absolutely anything you want. Here are a few ideas to get you guys going if you’re stuck: Do it […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • January 31, 2012

Plexus Render

I recently just got my four wisdom teeth removed, and while in recovery I had the time to finally mess around with Plexus. This my first time using Plexus so by no means is this anything fancy, although I will cover briefly how I created this. Besides Plexus, I never really had the chance to […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • January 21, 2012
After Effects Blog Tutorials

Quickly Center Stuff Horizontally & Vertically

In this quick tip, I talk about how to quickly center stuff horizontally and vertically using the ‘Align’ panel, something sometimes overlooked in After Effects. Rather than manually adjusting the layers and using the title safe, simply click two buttons and your layer should be perfectly centered. Remember, this works with virtually all layers of […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • January 17, 2012

Critique Session: Kuler 5 ‘Holidays’

The first Kuler 5 Project has come to a close and I received four great entrees for the project! Many thanks to everyone who retweeted and helped spread the word. I’m very excited for the next Kuler 5 project with hopefully more entrees to choose, review, and add to the project. Since this was the […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • January 15, 2012

RAZOR Audio Waves

So a member of the CreativeDojo community asked me how to create the wave effect from the RAZOR promo by Errorsmith & Native Instruments. At first, it looked very simple, just some basic Displacement in the Y, audio reaction, and a bit of tweaking with the camera. Turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than […]

by VinhSon Nguyen • January 5, 2012

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