For years Action Essential II was the Swiss army knife of stock elements for flames, explosions, and smoke for action shots. Some have tried to add diversity to the pool, but there hasn’t been a product that stood out since, until now. Our great friends over at RodyPolis have developed an extremely powerful pack of action elements, bundled as ActionVFX.

Here are the facts that make it stand out:

  • 100% realistic flames, no CGI
  • Shot in LOG for proper exposure and high dynamic range
  • All effects stay in frame with no cut offs anywhere
  • 4K, 2k, at 60fps or higher while also being pre-keyed
  • Tons of variation including door fires, trail fires, fireballs, window fires, and much more

What’s really important is the fact that all the elements are within frame. Nothing is more annoying than having to masks flame elements out because for some reason, they were filmed with things flying out of frame. These packs were shot by professionals, and the guys over at Windy City FX, who’ve worked on Transformers 3, handled the explosive side of things to ensure the best quality elements.

Here at the Dojo, we’ve been huge backers of RodyPolis products, and this product far exceeds our expectations. At this moment, RodyPolis is hosting a Kickstarter project right now to fund this, so go there to support them and get a few cool prizes as well. They’ll be continuously adding new content to their library, so I’m very excited to see where this product takes them.